A fun time of year

San Luis Obispo, California is not known for its contrasting four unique seasons. In fact, it’s closer to one big blurry season than four uniques. That said, while the fall around here might not have the poetic color changes found in other parts of the world, there are some subtle changes that make it a fun time.

September and October are probably my two favorite months to surf San Luis Obispo county. Water temperatures are near the “warmest” of the year, the wave size picks up and the winds die down for more shape.

morro bay and pismo beach water temps

San Luis county is not a great source of good waves. It gets good size but that just means lots of beach break closeouts. The fall is definitely the best time, when there is some resemblance of decent shape that makes it more rewarding.

August through November are also the busiest time of year at Pet Doors & Endura Flap Dog Doors, which usually includes some fun challenges of how to leverage the additional visitors on our website.  I still have no idea as to why the fall is the best time to buy a dog door, but year after year October/November are the two best months while August/September are usually 3 and 4. We sell close to 30,000 doggy doors per year, so the sample is decent enough to suggest this is a real trend.

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